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We have completed over 20,000 studies in all 50 states, Canada, the Virgin Islands, and Mexico, and have a database of over 12 million apartment units across the country.

Danter and Associates, LLC is a national real estate research firm providing market and demographic information for builders, lenders, and developers in a variety of commercial markets.

The Danter Company, founded in 1970 by Kenneth Danter, was one of the first firms in the country to specialize in real estate research.  In July 2016, The Danter Company became Danter & Associates, LLC.

Danter & Associates, LLC, differs from most firms providing real estate research services in two key ways: real estate research is our only area of specialization, and we hold no financial interest in any of the properties for which we do our research. These principles guarantee that our recommendations are based on the existing and expected market conditions, not on any underlying interests or an effort to sell any of our other services.

Let our experience work for you

With over 40 years of experience in real estate, our proprietary research is second to none. We’d be happy to put together an analysis for your project.

Housing-related studies (multifamily, single-family, condominium and senior housing) account for about two-thirds of our assignments. We also conduct evaluations for site-specific commercial developments (hotels, office buildings, historic reuse, retail, and recreational projects), as well as market overviews and mixed-use analyses.

All our site-specific research is informed by extensive proprietary research that we have been conducting for over 35 years on housing trends and buyer/renter profiles.

Our analyses combine primary site-specific research with our proprietary research into market trends. As a result, we have pioneered significant market evaluation methodologies, particularly the use of the 100% Database for all market analyses.  This Danter concept is of primary importance to real estate analyses because new developments interact with similar market-area projects throughout the rent/price continuum—not just with those normally considered “comparable.”

A Danter & Associates, LLC, analysis is affordable. We seek to fully understand our clients’ objectives and the scope of study necessary to complete the task before quoting a price.  Whenever possible, we quote fixed fees, which include all expenses. In addition, we remain available for consultation at no additional fee on issues related to the market study.