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Since 1970, Danter & Associates has completed over 20,000 assignments in all 50 states, including Canada, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Mexico. Studies have been completed for all types of real estate related development. Our residential experience includes market-rate apartments, student housing, tax credit apartments, condominium, and single-family. Our senior housing department has completed over 2,000 studies nationwide for senior apartments, independent-living, assisted-living, memory care, and skilled nursing facilities. Our commercial experience includes hotel, retail, self-storage, and mixed use developments. All our findings are informed by extensive proprietary research that we have been conducting for over 30 years on housing trends and buyer/renter profiles. Results of this research have been widely quoted in The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, USA Today, Builder Magazine, Multi-Housing News, Professional Builder, and publications produced by The Urban Land Institute and American Demographics. Based on this research, we were named 6 consecutive years to American Demographics’ “Best 100 Sources for Marketing Information.”

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We would be happy to share a sample study with you, we’re proud of our strong history and diverse work.

Danter & Associates combination of  primary site-specific research with our proprietary research into market trends has led us to pioneer significant market evaluation methodologies, particularly the use of the 100% database for all market analyses. This Danter concept is of primary importance to real estate analyses because new developments interact with similar market-area projects throughout the rent/price continuum. We survey the entire market area–we don’t just guess at selecting comparables that may or may not apply.  Other pioneer methodologies include Effective Market Area (EMA) SM analysis, and the Comparable Rent Analysis.