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Marina Development

Our marina development studies provide you a complete base of data to respond to a full range of marina development alternatives.  We can also identify potential for associated residential or lodging/resort development

Conclusions and Recommendations

Specifically our marina studies will provide the following conclusions and recommendations:

  • Optimum mix by slip length
  • Proposed rent and service rate structure
  • Proposed sale price (if applicable)
  • Anticipated occupancy
  • Marketing strategy considering the potential for joint marketing with adjacent residential/lodging product (if appropriate)
  • Recommended amenities
  • Recommendations for associated for-sale multifamily, for-sale detached single-family, lodging, or resort development (if appropriate)

Supply and Demand Analysis

Our recommendations are based on an analysis of the existing supply of marina slips relative to existing demand.  Supply is determined through a 100% field survey of marina development in the Competitive Market Area.  The Competitive Market Area is the area from which the target customer will likely consider marina alternatives.

Demand for marina development is identified through

  • Demographic profiling using the best available small area demographics
  • Interviews with area marina operators, local real estate professionals, and recreation specialists knowledgeable about the area market
  • If requested, intercept surveys of marina patrons can be conducted to identify area consumer perceptions
  • Capture factors established using industry standards
  • Boat registration data obtained from state and local authorities (when available)
  • Area recreation facility usage data (when available)

IFor more information, please call Terry Hall at (614) 221-9096 during business hours (8 am to 5 pm) Eastern US time, or e-mail us at

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