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Real Estate Research Services

Danter and Associates, is a national real estate research and consulting firm that specializes in providing site-specific market feasibility studies for a wide range of real estate development alternatives such as market-rate apartments, student housing, senior living, low-income housing Tax Credit apartments, condominiums, single-family subdivisions, mixed-use developments, office/office flex, retail, and lodging development.

For each market study we not only analyze the market and determine the feasibility of a proposed project, but also provide recommendations on rents/pricing, number of units, unit distribution, amenities, etc., in order to optimize the gross revenues of a proposed development.

We also provide consulting services to help identify the best development alternative for your site, which markets have the best development opportunity potential, identify why an existing property is not performing as expected, or aid in solving any other real estate-related problems.

Most assignments can be completed within two to six weeks and our fees are affordable. We provide a fixed-fee quote that includes all travel and consulting throughout the development process.