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Condominium Studies

Condominium Services

Our site-specific market feasibility studies identify the market support potential to develop a for-sale condominium development. Each market is physically visited by a Danter and Associate analyst and each feasibility study includes a complete field survey of all existing and proposed active condominiums, as well as any condominium developments constructed in the past 12 years, regardless of price point. In addition, each study includes a determination of appropriate unit mix, sales price, unit size, and level of amenities, and expected absorption rate for the proposed development.

Our studies also provide a project and floor plan evaluation comparing the proposed product to the actual sales experience and market response to existing products, confirmation or recommendation of pricing alternatives based on market response and a support/deficit analysis of condominium development by price range and unit types. An analysis of condominium affordability based on income/mortgage/price distributions, a demand analysis that establishes annual optimal market support for condominiums in all price ranges based on projected capture factors, as well as a discussion of broad marketing strategies is included.

Condominium Experience

Over the past 35 years, Danter and Associates has conducted over 1,500 condominium studies in 40 states. Studies have been completed in all types of markets including urban, suburban, golf course and waterfront locations and for all types of products including ranch-style, townhouse, apartment conversion, high-rise, loft, and mid-rise. Condominiums as a component of an integrated-use building, an adaptive re-use of a historic building or in a mixed-use environment have also been an integral part of our business.