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Real Estate Consulting and Research Services

Consulting Services

Consulting is at the core of our market feasibility studies. We are available to our clients from the day we are retained throughout their development process. However, there are situations where a client does not require a site-specific market feasibility study but would rather consult with us regarding other issues related to their proposed or existing development. In these situations, we are available to consult with our clients on issues related to the market, site-plans, floor plans and project concepts. Our consulting services are billed on either an hourly basis or a not to exceed fixed fee. In addition, we are also available to consult with our clients in general about a specific market or concept and in many cases at “no charge”.

Consulting Experience

Over the past 35 years, Danter and Associates has consulted on over 20,000 assignments nationwide for a variety of real estate related development. We have consulted on numerous commercial projects including high profile commercial projects such as Easton Town Center in Columbus, Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort in West Virginia, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and Montgomery Place in New York. Consulting on residential development has also been extensive and included all product types from low to moderate income apartments to downtown luxury high-rise apartments, student housing, condominiums, single-family and all types of senior housing. We have consulted on a number of high profile residential projects including the Leveque Tower in Columbus, Erieview Tower in Cleveland and the Turner Field re-development in Atlanta.