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Danter Market-Rate Apartment Services

We offer several different types of services for those interested in market-rate apartment development:

  • Our most basic service is a quick report or preliminary market analysis, where we conduct an overview of an apartment market using our in-house data base combined with the internet and telephone to survey a market. Based on this information we can establish rent levels, vacancy rates and amenities to determine if the data justifies proceeding to a full study.
  • Our site-specific market feasibility studies identify the market
    support potential to develop a proposed market-rate apartment project. Each market study includes a defined effective market area (EMA) for the site and a complete 100% field survey of existing and proposed area apartments at all rental levels within the EMA. Our conclusions and recommendations will provide the number of units that can be supported, appropriate unit mix, rents, unit sizes, unit/project amenities and expected absorption rate for the proposed development. Our studies also provide a detailed competitive analysis, step-up/step- down support analysis, rent gap analysis and a comparable market rent analysis.
  • We also offer market repositioning studies of existing market-rate apartment properties that are underperforming or experiencing high vacancies. We formulate a set of recommendations on how to improve occupancy and overall gross revenues for the property.

Danter Market-Rate Apartment Experience

In 1970, Danter and Associates completed their first market-rate apartment study in Columbus, Ohio. Since then, we have completed over 9,000 market-rate apartment studies in all 50 states. Studies have been completed in all types of markets including urban, suburban and waterfront locations and for all types of products including high-rise, townhouse, loft, mid-rise, ranch and traditional 2-3 story walkups. Market-rate apartments as a component of an integrated-use building, historic preservation or in a mixed-use environment have also been an integral part of our business.

In addition to the extensive database of over 16 million apartment units accumulated over the nearly 50 years in business, we have also conducted tens of thousands of renter household surveys to determine housing preferences and we continue to develop numerous ongoing internal studies in support of our methodologies.

Concepts such as step-up support, price sensitivity, mobility/market area relationship, floor plan value, and price/value relationship are but a few applications emerging from our proprietary research.

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