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Single Family Subdivision Development

Single-Family Subdivision Services

Our site-specific market feasibility studies identify the market support potential to develop a single-family subdivision development. Each market is physically visited by a Danter and Associate analyst and each feasibility study includes a complete field survey of all existing and proposed active single-family subdivision, as well as any single-family subdivisions constructed in the past 12 years, regardless of price point or lot size. In addition, each study will address market area demand for single-family housing at the subject site, estimated absorption, lot sizes, lot pricing, and appropriate project amenities.

Our studies also include an analysis of single-family subdivision demand by price range based on historic and projected market area absorption trends and an analysis of single-family affordability based on income/mortgage/price distributions.  Our recommendations will propose those project amenities or special site features required for optimum market position and provide strategies to determine how best to position the subject site within the context of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing market. Identification of optimal lot sizes, density and lot premiums will be established.

Single-Family Subdivision Experience

Over the past 35 years, Danter and Associates has conducted over 300 single-family subdivision studies in 35 states. These studies include traditional single-family subdivisions, large estate single-family subdivisions, patio home subdivisions, single-family within mixed-use developments in both urban and suburban environments, single-family development within private and public golf course communities, waterfront single-family within a marina development, as well as single-family within a Planned Unit Development (PUD).