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Patrick Clark

Patrick Clark is the co-founder and partner of Danter and Associates, LLC, with over 30 years of real estate consulting experience. Upon the retirement of Kenneth F. Danter and Danter’s decision to close. The Danter Company in 2016, Mr. Clark and partner Terry Hall, along with former Danter Company staff, formed Danter and Associates, LLC. Mr. Clark began his career as a field analyst at The Danter Company in 1985. Since that time, he has been senior field analyst, project director, and since 1998, a senior project director. Mr. Clark has directed over 3,500 feasibility studies for a wide range of real estate uses on a national level, including over 500 student housing feasibility studies at various universities and colleges. In addition to directing market studies and consulting with the client development team, Mr. Clark is also responsible for reviewing all market feasibility studies conducted by Danter and Associates, LLC.

Terry Hall

Terry Hall is the co-founder of Danter and Associates, with over 30 years of experience in real estate research and analysis. Mr. Hall joined the Danter Company in 1984 as a Field Analyst. After completing research for a variety of development alternatives in over 1,000 markets nationwide and working as a special projects coordinator, he was promoted to the role of Vice-President/Director of Marketing. He left the company for several years to work for several Fortune 500 security companies as a Regional Account Executive. He returned to the Danter Company in 2012 as the Director of Marketing. In 2016, upon the retirement of Kenneth F. Danter and the closing of the Danter Company, together with partner Pat Clark, another longtime employee of the Danter Company, and the entire staff, they reopened the company as Danter and Associates, LLC. In addition to consulting with clients on proposed developments he is also responsible for reviewing conclusions and recommendations for studies. Mr. Hall is a United States Marine Corps veteran and an alumnus of Ohio University.

Pat Scales

Scales joined the company in 1995 as a field analyst after receiving a Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting from Franklin University. Mr. Scales was promoted to project director in 1999 and has since been responsible for over 1,000 market studies for a variety of real estate related developments. Pat is also the Tax Credit specialist for Danter and Associates and directs the majority of the company’s Tax Credit market studies. Mr. Scales has also completed market studies for all types of real estate related development, including market-rate apartments, student housing, office, retail, lodging, condominium and single-family home developments.