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Our site-specific market feasibility studies identify the market support potential to develop office development. Each market is physically visited by a Danter and Associate analyst and each feasibility study includes a 100% field survey of all existing and proposed office development. In addition, each study will address recommendations for office lease/sales rates, annual supportable square feet, projected absorption, and suite sizes.

Our studies also include the amount of supportable space at the subject site based on the following support components:

  • Internal mobility
  • New business formations
  • External mobility

Additionally, our studies will include projected absorption by support component, tenant mix, projected rents, step-up support for the proposed project, and recommendations for suite sizes and configurations, if appropriate. Of special importance will be an evaluation of building footprint and application of existing facilities.

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We’re proud of our work, and our researched is unparalleled. We would be happy to show you a sample study we have completed and discuss what we could do for you!

Office Experience

Over the past 35 years, Danter and Associates has conducted nearly 350 office development studies in 30 states. Market studies have been completed in both urban and suburban locations and for all types of products including a typical multi-tenant rental office building, single-tenant office building, and office condominium development.