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Real Estate Study Quick Report

Quick Reports

We provide a variety of quick reports for our clients. Quick reports can be completed for student housing, market-rate apartments, independent-living, assisted-living/memory care and hotel development. The Quick Report is a preliminary demand analysis including a demographic evaluation of statistics and characteristics of a selected area, and an internet and telephone survey of competitive projects to determine whether a full market study of an area’s potential ability to support additional development is justified. All information is gathered via telephone and Internet and no site visits are made. These reports are not intended for any other use, including submission for financing. The quick reports are inexpensive and generally require 2-3 weeks to complete.

Quick Report Experience

Danter and Associates started providing quick reports in the 1980’s as a service to our clients. The quick reports are an inexpensive means of validating a site and market before investing a significant amount of time and money on a project. We have completed over 1,000 of these quick reports throughout the United States.